Commercial & Industrial Assets

Customers owning, managing and maintaining commercial buildings and industrial plant face a major dilemma in inspecting inaccessible/high risk areas of their facilities. Regular inspection ensures that maintenance budget is focused in the areas where it has maximum impact, and reduces the likelihood of catastrophic failure from structural deterioration such as corrosion. But every inspection comes at a cost - of scaffolding, crane hire, specialist rope access teams, cherry-pickers - and caries a risk, particularly when inspections take place at heights or in confined spaces.

Image of industrial plant

Strat Aero's UAV solutions help to resolve this dilemma. With specialist equipment and highly trained pilots, we can provide:

  • Large scale inspection of roof structures, with HD imagery that can highlight every individual missing roof bolt or ridge cap

  • Internal inspection of hazardous spaces such as industrial boilers, tanks and chimney stacks

Our engineering-led approach ensures that all imagery - still, video and IR - is accurately geo-tagged. This enables remedial teams to immediately locate identified anomalies and to use imagery delivered from our Digital Data Manager to their handheld devices to confirm root-cause analysis before proceeding.

By combining data layers, for example overlaying IR imagery of external elements with internal imagery and CAD files, we can help customers identify potential problem areas even when little or nothing can be seen by the naked eye - for example corrosion hidden behind insulating materials.

 Image of Ford rooftop

Strat Aero helps customers document and track the evolving condition of their key structural assets, focusing scarce maintenance resources in the areas that need them most. The speed and accuracy of our UAV solutions keeps downtime to a minimum. And by significantly reducing the need to work at height, organizations can not only reduce cost and compliance burdens but make a real impact on one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries.