With strong roots in the site engineering and surveying business, Strat Aero have a detailed understanding of the challenges that construction businesses face. Changing construction standards, complex supply chains, skills shortages, the need to operate more safely and more sustainably - all these pressures create a complex environment in a business already highly sensitive to swings in the economic cycle.

UAV technology has a key role to play in the future evolution of the construction industry. The ability of UAVs to quickly and accurately gather data at every stage of the construction process from initial topographical surveys through to final site documentations.

Strat Aero offer a complete set of UAV services to the construction sector, supported by site engineering activity on the ground where necessary. We have extensive experience, having worked on a range of different projects including:

  • Bio-mass generating plant new build

  • Reservoir construction and maintenance

  • Flood defence repair

  • Nuclear power plant construction

Halstead plant

These services include:

  • Pre-construction topographical surveys,

  • Geo-referenced orthomosaic composite HD images

  • 3D models derived from photogrammetry data

  • Volumetric calculations

  • Progress videos

  • Site safety briefing fly-throughs

Reservoir construction video

Aerial imagery not only provides accurate survey data, it also helps track assets and progress - some clients have retained Strat Aero to provide regular flights on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. And in some cases we have helped clients spot critical safety errors such as missing structural members.

Strat Aero's Digital Data Manager ensures that everyone on the project has 24/7 access to the captured data, whether working on PCs office or on site via smartphones and tablets. This ensures that the whole team are working on the most recent data, and that on-site staff can call up imagery in their hands, when they need it, where they need it.