In the highly competitive world of commercial insurance, accurate and timely information on asset status is critical.

Image of damaged rooftop

UAV systems have an important role to play in gathering data that is otherwise prohibitively costly or dangerous to access.

  • During the under-writing process, a complete and accurate picture of roof conditions enables insurance companies to bid more competitively, knowing the real status of this crucial part of the building fabric - including, for example, using IR imagery to identify areas where water has already gained ingress to the roof structure

  • After an event, UAVs can quickly and cost-effectively establish the extent of the damage, even when the structure is too unstable to approach, enabling rapid adjustment of provisions

  • By combining both sets of information on the Digital Data Manager, insurance companies can immediately differentiate between allowable claims and areas of pre-existing damage

Image of damage item close-up

Strat Aero's engineering-led approach means that our 2D stitched imagery can be overlaid onto building CAD drawings, helping customers also plan remedial works efficiently.

For larger areas damaged by natural disasters such as flooding or hurricanes, we've developed special techniques to gather accurate data while minimizing the need for on-the-ground access. These techniques include:

  • Using UAVs to create panoramic views of the affected area from adjacent, accessible, launch points

  • Using light aircraft to capture data that can be stitched into complete geo-located composite imagery

This helps insurance organizations quickly assess the extent of damage at much higher levels of accuracy than using satellite imagery.