Mining & Quarrying

Like aerial structures, mines and quarries are intrinsically hazardous areas to work, and movement of personnel on the ground in active areas therefore needs to be tightly controlled. But at the same time, regular surveying is needed to track volumes of material - particularly for management of work-in-progress and stockpiles.

Strat Aero has a complete solution for mine and quarry operators, using UAVs to capture not only 2D geo-referenced plan views of their sites, but using photogrammetry to deliver volumetric analysis.

Image of 2D multi-stockpile site

A typical project will deliver:

  • A single geo-stitched aerial Image with stockpile numbers overlaid

  • Classification of each stockpile from the HD aerial photos

  • A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) at grid spacing of 3cm

  • Volume analysis of all stockpiles on site

The UAV survey collects points at 3cm spacing with minimum triangulation - where a manual surveyor might collect 200 3D points to estimate the volume of a stockpile, the UAV will capture more than 1.6 million 3D points. The manual survey DTM inevitably "smooths out" the curves that are mapped in detail by the UAV survey, making it significantly less accurate.

mage of comparative manual and UAV survey profile

All imagery, reporting and analysis is uploaded to Strat Aero's Digital Data Manager. This enables managers to track activity on site, comparing status from one month to the next. Operational teams on site can access detailed imagery via their smartphones or tablets while office-based employees can use the stockpile volume analytics to track inventory values. And in our experience the data and site models can be used for a wide range of additional applications, from site safety briefings to resolving subcontractor disputes.

Fast, accurate and safe: Strat Aero's UAV surveying and analytics can be a valuable tool for mine and quarry operators.