Oil & Gas

Upstream or downstream, oil and gas businesses need to keep complex assets working efficiently with the absolute minimum of downtime. Hazardous environments with high temperatures, high pressures and toxic/flammable materials require a total commitment to safe working.

Oilfield image

Whether on-shore or off-shore, Strat Aero can provide specialist teams with appropriate UAV systems to inspect:

  • Complex industrial structures such as ducting and piping, overhead walkways and gantries

  • Well heads and Christmas trees, including capturing HD imagery of welds and fasteners in the primary load path, checking for damage, deformation, cracking, and corrosion

  • Flare stacks, including flare stack tips in live operation

  • Infra-red (thermal) imaging of piping/ducting and chimney stacks to identify gas leakage, water ingress (particularly concealed behind insulating materials) and hotspots

  • Internal inspection of tanks and other storage structures, checking for corrosion etc.

Image of inspected structure

Inspection of assets in live operation not only avoids costly plant shut-down, it may make it possible to identify faults (e.g. flare trip micro-fractures) that are concealed once the temperature is reduced and materials contract.

By combining e.g. IR imagery of external elements with internal imagery and CAD files, we can help customers identify potential problem areas even when little or nothing can be seen by the naked eye - for example break-down of refractory linings/coatings inside chimney stacks.

Strat Aero has experienced pilots, professional UAV systems with high levels of redundancy and a comprehensive safety methodology with well-documented check-lists and risk assessments. Strat Aero can therefore operate in hazardous areas with minimal risk - and reduce the exposure of personnel to working at heights or in confined spaces.

All the imagery/data that's captured is loaded onto Strat Aero's Digital Data Manager (DDM) platform, making it available 24/7 - to subject matter experts checking HD imagery at high resolution in the technical centre, and to operational staff on-site via their smartphones and tablets.

Whether you need to inspect inaccessible areas of an off-shore production rig, check the condition of a well-head or gather a complete set of survey data for a downstream facility ahead of shutdown/turnaround, Strat Aero can help.