Property Management

Managing a large property is a complex challenge - often balancing multiple demands including preservation of historic buildings, renewing parks and gardens, husbanding agricultural and forestry assets and generating income from visitors, be they members of the public visiting the house or parties of hunting and fishing enthusiasts coming for a week-end's sport.

All of this takes place in a context of increasing pressure to both preserve the natural environment and safeguard historic treasures, while competition for funding remains intense.

Picture of grand property with stable blocks

UAVs are often seen as a way to collect aerial video shots for promotional purposes - and Strat Aero can certainly deliver compelling HD video footage to help with this. But combining our expert pilots, extensive UAV fleet and data centre processing expertise, Strat Aero can offer a much broader range of solutions including:

  • Roof-top condition surveys. We can quickly and safely capture detailed imagery of roof areas using both optical and infra-red imagery. We then stitch the geo-referenced images together in our data centre, and use the IR imagery to identify water ingress. Regular inspection catches roofing issues before they become a major problem and damage the interior of the property.

  • Outbuilding condition surveys. Buildings such as water towers need to be inspected, but it's difficult to do traditionally without erecting costly scaffolding. Strat Aero can complete these surveys for a fraction of the cost.

  • Lake and watercourse flood analysis. We can combine UAV data capture with land-based surveying and hydrography to provide a full set of topographical survey data and models, linking together the terrain model above and below the waterline. Digitally "flooding" the model shows where water will overflow - and where bank reinforcement/flood defences will have the biggest impact.

  • Land boundary dispute resolution. Strat Aero provide a high accuracy service using UAV surveys to enable definitive resolutions that are hard to achieve from printed maps alone.

  • Facilities lay-out. Strat Aero helps clients to lay-out, for example, sports fields by taking a UAV survey, modelling different playing field lay-outs and (once agreed) doing the setting out work so that the pitches are marked out accurately. We then do a follow-up to check that the final layouts match the plan. Clients really appreciate being able to work with us interactively on the lay-outs to get the best use of the space.

Images of water tower, playing field lay-out

Using the most up-to-date technology and drawing on thousands of hours of UAV flight experience, Strat Aero can capture all the HD video and still imagery needed quickly and cost-effectively, and with a minimum of impact on day-to-day operations. All the data, imagery and modelling is then uploaded to Strat Aero's Digital Data Manager, and accessible 24/7 so that operational staff managing the property can get the information in their hands when they need it.