Real Estate

Real estate sales increasingly depend on virtual tours to attract buyers - particularly for high-end properties with potential purchasers spread across the country and even around the globe. Research shows that:

  • 70% of homebuyers watch video home tours

  • 86% of homebuyers watch community/neighbourhood video tours

Traditionally UAV operators have focused on providing exciting external aerial shots. Strat Aero's solution starts from the homebuyers' perspective and captures all the elements needed to support the sales process, including:

  • HD video footage both inside and outside the location, creating a compelling, seamless and comprehensive virtual tour of the property. We work with clients to storyboard the video and capture imagery that highlights the most attractive features.

  • HD still images of external elevations and for each room inside the property.

  • Integrated subtitling so homebuyers don't get disoriented during the video tour and can relate the video to the supporting HD still images. These subtitles can be multi-lingual if required.

  • HD video neighbourhood tours, capturing the key items that we know drive homebuyer decisions: immediate neighbouring properties, schools, shopping, parks/recreational facilities and transportation options. Again, customized subtitling is used to maximize relevance, e.g. highlighting exact distances from the property, school bus timings etc.

Real estate video clip

With our strong engineering skill-set, we are also able to create many other deliverables beyond video and stills footage, including:

  • A complete geo-referenced 2D plan of the property, with clear property boundaries

  • A 3D model of the property that can be manipulated to show external views from multiple angles

  • HD stitched imagery of the roof surface - particularly useful for properties with extensive outbuildings, where potential homebuyers can be reassured that there are no unpleasant and costly surprises. If required, we can capture the roof surface details in IR as well as HD optical imagery to confirm that there is no hidden water ingress to the roof structure.

Image of roof surface

Using UAVs, we can capture all the necessary input data quickly and efficiently. Our data centre has all the video post-production and analytical tools to create deliverables of the highest quality. And our Digital Data Manager enables your web content management teams to access and download the results wherever/whenever they may be working, minimizing delay and re-work.