Digital Data Manager

From the outset, our clients have been clear that they want actionable insight, delivered to their operational teams when and where they need it, rather than raw data. With this in mind, we have created our Digital Data Manager (DDM) platform, a 24/7 available cloud-based database that our customers can access from a plethora of devices (PCs, lap-tops, tablets and smartphones).

Image of PC/lap-top screen in the office with screenshot of windfarm overview. Image of tablet screen in the field with close-up shot of damaged turbine blade


Insights Delivered

The raw imagery captured by our UAV systems - in some cases supplemented by traditional land-based surveying and water-based hydrographic data - is geo-tagged, stitched and uploaded to the DDM. In some instances Strat Aero will have the data examined by Subject Matter Experts so that specific anomalies can be highlighted using structured Image Interpretation techniques.

Each client has access to their own data via a secure web portal, and can see multiple layers of data from top-level overviews through individual asset highlights all the way down to the original high definition still and video imagery. So office-based management teams can track top-level metrics via their PCs, while field operations staff can call up specific images of anomalies that need repairing via their smartphones.

Because the data is structured in a consistent and coherent way, the DDM can therefore also support custom queries - helping to pull out patterns by sorting on date, location, problem type and OEM, or some combination thereof.


Supporting 3rd Party Aerial Teams

Companies specializing in aerial operations can also turn to Strat Aero to support their data storage, analytics and customer delivery.


Depending on requirements, Strat Aero can provide a broad range of data modelling and analytic solutions, including image stitching, photogrammetry, geo-referencing, 3D model/Digital Terrain Model creation and topographical/volumetric analysis. By taking advantage of the Strat Aero DDM, they can focus on their field operations while delivering a highly professional service to their clients.


Other Aviation Clients

Because of its inherent flexibility, a number of customers use the DDM to support parts of their workflow including

  • Job scheduling and employee assignment

  • Asset and lease management

  • Employee training, with delivery and tracking through the DDM's Learning Management System

These DDM solutions eliminate the costs and mistakes associated with traditional paper-based systems, free up staff to focus on customer relationships and ensure that key compliance documentation is in place to satisfy regulatory authorities.