Survey & Inspection

Strat Aero are specialists in providing survey and inspection services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), as well as using ground- and water-based survey equipment. Our goal is to deliver exactly the analysis that you require to maximize the productivity of your teams and minimize asset downtime. UAV technology helps us to do this by delivering:

  • High quality images (videos and stills, both optical and thermal/IR as required)

  • Rapidly and cost-effectively

  • Including data from areas that are difficult and expensive to reach without scaffolding, cranes/cherry-pickers or rope access

Image of UAV in front of a wind turbine

With a fleet of powerful UAVs, experienced pilots and regulatory approval to operate across the USA, the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Strat Aero have completed complex projects for clients across a broad range of industry sectors including:

Using sophisticated software and modelling processes within our data centre, Strat Aero’s data team then processes this raw data to provide the high definition imagery that your teams need, and delivers the outputs via a 24/7 available secure web portal, our Digital Data Manager (DDM). These outputs can include:

  • Composite geo-referenced 2D plan views of an entire site

  • Overlays of geo-referenced imagery with CAD drawings

  • Composite 2D views of specific elevations

  • 3D models of individual structures with sensitive information removed as required

  • Volumetric analysis of specific features

  • “Fly throughs”, both in HD video and via 3D models

Optionally, we can also provide Subject Matter Experts to examine the data and to identify and classify specific anomalies (corrosion, thermal hots spots etc.) using structured Image Interpretation techniques.

Close up image of turbine blade