Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

Strat Aero has extensive experience of specifying, sourcing and packaging specialist UAV solutions for customers who want to add a cost-effective aerial element to their surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

Image of DJI Phantom in black spray-paint and IR visibility tape

Search & Rescue

Law enforcement and voluntary support organizations often need to cover large areas of hostile terrain as part of their search and rescue missions. For these requirements, Strat Aero has developed specialist operational procedures (ConOps) that make best use of commercial UAV systems - and Strat Aero can provide the associated training and support to ensure that teams on the ground have the best chance of success.

Image of search pattern

Military/Special Forces

Many military clients are looking for ways to quickly and cost-effectively add "eye-in-the-sky" capabilities to their operations that don't tie up costly and vulnerable helicopter air support assets.

Whether for border patrol, counter-insurgency or fixed base security, Strat Aero can pull together all the necessary hardware, including multi-rotor, fixed wing and tethered systems. Strat Aero can then provide all the supporting services - from initial doctrine development to on-the-ground flight training - for successful in-theatre deployment.

Commercial Asset Protection

Remote operating locations are increasingly in danger, with threats ranging from straightforward theft of e.g. copper cabling to insurgent/terrorist assaults. Traditional fixed CCTV and mobile patrol solutions are struggling to provide comprehensive security in the face of this rapidly changing environment.

Strat Aero can provide a suite of solutions, from one-off aerial surveys that identify potential problem areas to operational UAV systems with dedicated staff. Experience shows that the presence alone of UAV systems - particularly when equipped with night vision cameras - can create a significant deterrent impact."

Tethered drone